Wednesday, 7 August 2013

£2.42 Wasted!

I was very cross with myself yesterday but then stopped beating myself up because I try to practice self compassion. For somehow, in spite of being sent electronic reminders, I missed the deadline and had to pay a library fine, a staggering  22p on each of eleven books for being just one day late.  That £2.42 could have gone towards a holiday!

Whilst some of my spending to the most frugal out there may seem profligate it's not at all.  Most of it is planned like a military exercise. Oh, okay I exaggerate. It's more like one of the battles that you see going on in one of those Games Workshop stores.  What I try to avoid is forking out for stuff that is a total waste of money.  I've got to get out early this morning so'll have to hurry but here's a quick list.

- Fines of any kind.  library, parking, blah, blah, blah.
- Things I'll never use thus committing the double sin of creating unnecessary clutter.
- Clothes that I'll never wear
- Books that  I'll never read
- Credit and debit card charges.
- Extras on subscription that I'll never use
- Food that'll go to waste and never be eaten
- 99% of the things that Louis nags me to buy.  He's so used to me saying no that when I actually give in  it nearly causes him to have a cardiac arrest.

Okay, I get it wrong sometimes but I reckon that paying attention to the little stuff has got to add up to the price of one of my ferry crossing each year.  Or perhaps a small piece of treasured art.  Now, they're the type of things that I really think are worth buying.


  1. I would find that annoying. I had a spate of forgetting things last year and I was so annoyed with myself. Doubt you will forget to take them back on time again!

  2. As mistakes go, £2.42 isn't so bad - think you can let yourself off this time :-)
    I'm impressed that you borrow 11 books at once - I only manage 3!
    My library emails me 3 days before books are due back, does yours?

  3. Yep but they did it late on Saturday night and I read the message on Sunday. That was what confused me!