Monday, 19 August 2013

Cheap Phones Come to Her That Waits

Today's picture gives you a little clue as to which mobile phone network that I use, far prettier than 3's own logo, I hope you'll agree.  I'm due an upgrade soon and I'd like a new smartphone.  One reason is that I can give my old one to Louis and will not have to tolerate being notified that things, in various games that he's uploaded, are hatching or dying. My new device will be out of bounds once he has his own. The other excuse for such wanton materialism is that my eyesight is failing and a bigger screen would be rather handy.

So what to choose. Shall I take my own advice and stay behind the times or say, hang it and get one of the latest models.  The Samsung Galaxy 4 or Max  both looked like the business, particularly the latter that has a huge screen that is ideal for increasing visual impairment.   To help me make up my mind when my contract runs out in the next month I popped into a phone shop to have a look at the models in the flesh.  It's the Galaxy Note II that gets my vote, a screen that's big enough, long battery life and a cheaper than the other models.  In the shop it was a whole fiver less a month than its newer counterparts.

Do I buy instore?  Certainly the salesman was keen that I should but he would be wouldn't he!  He was even keen to offer me an early upgrade for just £29!  In fact the whole sales patter was geared around persuading me that I could have a new phone in my hand immediately.   Obviously a lot of people go for this but he was onto a loser with this thrifty bird who mixes metaphors and is prepared to wait for her worm.

I've worked out that if I buy the same phone using Quidco and I'll save £6 a month on contract fees.  That's one hundred and forty four spondiddledoodlies that remain in my bank account!  Plus the £29 early upgrade fee if I'd have gone for that.  By paying £39.99 for the phone upfront I can pay just £26 monthly as compared to the shop price of £32.   What's more the Quidco cashback covers the upfront cost of the phone.    The salesman said that it was way better to buy instore but I'm having trouble with his logic!

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  1. I will need to give up my work cell phone soon and get one of my own. I am dreading the comparison shopping!