Monday, 5 August 2013

Craft Notes from the Boudoir

Let me dole out some hard learned advice. Linocutting really cannot be recommended as an activity for the bedbound unless you are a  complete slob like Tracey Emin and opt voluntarily for a mattress and surrounding floor covered with detritus.  Fine black gnarly bits are  the by-product of using an eraser for the fine tweaks to the image before I commit to the blade. Then of course, there are lino shavings. However hard you try you can't keep these off your sheets.   It was a good job that the Dyson was plugged in and close to hand.

In spite of the mess I'm pleased that my weekend of enforced repose wasn't  a complete waste of time. Behold  my finished linocut of African animals, a theme that's been filling my headspace for the last couple of weeks.  Mr Anonymous from Guyana is moving home and I wanted him to have  a print for his new gaff. Rather than surprising him with a print of a big naked mermaid that was to be my next project, I thought I'd asked him what he would like to don his pristine walls. This  is the  theme that he came up with that I've been mentally working on in my drives around the South Hams between patient visits.

As a craftswoman with a personal preference for the creation of sea inspired objects, I'm finding  that the challenge of getting others to choose my subject matter has been invigorating.    I don't consider myself good at drawing but forcing myself to create images of things that I don't normally sketch is increasing my confidence and helping me to appreciate shape, movement and form.  Googled images are my source for these composite designs which rely on photos and other people's sketches.

So, now onto the printing stage.  Although I'm raring to get going that's going to have to wait until I'm up and about.  After all ink and bed linen are not a good mix!


  1. All behind with blog-reading, so only just picked up your fracture news. Hope you are feeling brighter, and that the returned Boy Scout is being prepared to run errands for you!

    lino cutting in bed DOES seem a rather risky exercise! are you going to try beading next [then you can lose itchy little seed beads in the sheets and down your paster cast]

    blessings xx

  2. Your lino looks very impressive - can't wait to see the resulting print. Sorry to read about your knee and hope it gets better really quickly, definitely in good time for your holiday!