Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fishy Printing

What would you do with a nice bass fresh from the sea?  Fillet it and fry it in a little butter or steam it in a foil parcel with some herbs and seasoning?  But if you're not peckish how about printing with it instead?

The Japenese have been up to Gyotaku, fish rubbing, since the early 1800s.  I kid you not!  Even though the concept is a rum 'un  the results are quite beautiful.  For recording the magnificence of your prize catch it beats taxidermy any day.

My favourite artist of this genre of relief printing has to be Gail Boucher whose work is shown here. She doesn't hail from the Land of the Rising Sun but is from Maine in the far north of the USA.  Go watch the slide show on her website to see more of her work.  Isn't it amazing? Doesn't it just want to make you run out to the fishmonger, buy a fine specimen and slaver it with ink!  Mackerel would be my choice.  And maybe if you used a vegetable based dye you could get away with serving your naturalistic printing block up for supper.

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