Saturday, 31 August 2013

Here's the Chap I Wanted to Kill!

You haven’t heard for me for a few days even though I had planned to fork out a daily fiver for unlimited Internet access on my phone.  Then I was going to continue blogging via the Bluetooth keyboard that I normally use for my tablet.  Awkward I know but I am dedicated to my craft!  On the ferry my plans were thwarted.  Louis lost my mobile, after a session of gaming with another youngster and left it goodness knows where.  So, after a few hours of wanting to throttle him a la mode of Homer Simpson with Bart, I cooled down.  For couldn't a fortnight’s worth of anger ruin a good holiday?  And given that something usually goes wrong during our extended time away isn’t it better that's its done and dusted early and not the usual dental or medical emergency?

So here we are, firmly entrenched for five days in a campground, just a few miles up from the French-Spanish border with Internet connection to my laptop at last.  We got here in spite of having no sat nav for that was on my phone too.  Luckily I'd run off a PDR file giving verbal directions to each of our first stops and now we're in France we have an atlas so life gets easier!  In spite of the inconvenience I'm so happy with engaging in those old fashioned pursuits of reading, sewing, swimming and cycling that all thoughts of murder left me days ago!


  1. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Thanks for the books, Lisa xx

  2. Hey Lisa - glad you got home safe. Got WiFi working here now a treat! x

  3. I bet you're much happier now that the infuriating part of vacation is over. Enjoy the rest!