Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lino By the Sea

I'm off tomorrow with littl'un on that gargantuan road trip through France and Spain.  Gulp!  I really do hope that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew   But I can't back out now.   A couple of rather excellent Yelloh Village campsites and a trip to the fabulous Futuroscope theme park are booked.  After all I've got to keep a ten year old happy and my preferred choice of wilderness camp spots really wouldn't be his bag.  Adult only spas on the campgrounds and  most of all, the Guggenheim at Bilbao are my own treats for the trip.  I've really wanted to visit that weird and wacky place since it opened. I like a bit of art.  For full effect that last sentence has to be said in an East End gangster type of  accent!

Talking of art, I'm planning to create a bit of my own whilst away.  I can't really take printing inks to produce prints from the animal linocut that it is progress but my cutters and lino are definitely portable enough.  Not many people will be packing those for their holiday this weekend I'll grant you!  Perhaps the mermaid whose been taking up headspace lately will materialise in cut form as I'm sitting by the sea for inspiration.

To whet my creative appetite I'm going to be studying the work of  Elizabeth Rashley whose prints I discovered on one of my jaunts to the Devon Guild of Crafts.  It's a pity that most of the pictures in her gallery aren't there at the moment as her website was attacked.  However this sea scene comes from there and something similar but simpler could make a fitting backdrop for my hair combing, fishy-tailed lovely!

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