Saturday, 3 August 2013

Leggy Update

Good morning from the bed/office/reading room that has become my base camp since I busted my leg on Monday!  Just in case you start to think that I've been using my injury as an excuse skive completely, let me put you straight. Whilst weightbearing through my knee joint is a problem,  I'm perfectly capable of driving safely. So fuelled by ibuprofen,  I've dug out my brace and crutches procurred after the original skiing accident and soldered on.  I'm rather proud that I've kept all my appointments, attended meetings and popped into the office to do the bits and pieces on the computer where I have to link directly into the NHS IT network.  That office in the bag has its limitations.

Guess what ?  Yes,  in view of the fact that I don't take kindly to lolling about, I've overdone it.  A joint that seemed to be healing nicely at the beginning of the week is now sore and swollen once more.  So, I'm now enforcing a regime of as much rest as possible.    Elevate, elevate is my mantra, hence more drugs and a four storey pile of pillows topped with an ice pack wrapped in tea towels.  It's all very princess and the pea-esque but minus the legume.   The vacuuming, lawn mowing and car cleaning will just have to wait.

There's more to my plan.  After littl'un has been fumigated on his from Scout camp this afternoon he'll be set to work fetching and carrying for the age of child labour is not dead and buried at Lovelygrey Cottage.   Needs must as this leg  has got to heal soon in time for our holiday that's coming up very shortly!

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