Monday, 12 August 2013

Live Stock: You Should Have Been There!

Red Mel, Louis and I went to a brilliant festival in my village on Saturday, just a hobble away down the lane behind the house.  It was the best little do ever and at £6 each a brilliant bargain!

The music was to die for.  My favourite was Storm UK who sated my desire for modern sea shanties.  Funnily enough I was looking for music like this just the other day on Spotify.

Louis made friends with the Oakwood Folk....

....and lasted all of two seconds on the bunking broncho.

Even though the rain made a brief appearance it brought a stunning friend with it.

It's unlikely that I'll be able to go  next year for  it looks like this would be a one off.  Sadly, it was a lossmaker.   In spite of having everything just right,only a smattering of people turned up.

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  1. what a shame it wont happen agan and it looked great. maybe another try and more people will come next time...x