Friday, 2 August 2013

Nerdy Wish List

Have I ever mentioned that I've got a metal detector? Not that I've found anything valuable with it.  Booty has been limited to great big hunks of rusting metal and tin foil  but I bet you in a pie in the sky way that I hit treasure trove one day!

That's the  lot when it comes to 'fessing up about my geeky gadgets but there's a few more on the wishlist. I rather hanker for a  good quality microscope and a telescope.  And there's a rather recent addition to the list  in the form of a 3D printer. However, the item that's been there the longest, ever since some biology dudes set some one in the orchard next to my student home, is a moth trap.

There's plenty to be had on Ebay and Amazon that are killing machines but that's not the aim of the game here. After all, my philosophy on life errs towards Buddhism with a bit of bacon thrown in for good measure.  No, what I want is just to observe the little blighters and add to my personal knowledge about what there is out there in the garden lurking around unbeknown to me. Legit moth catchers with their UV light source are an expensive bit of kit and their limited range of use has put me off ever purchasing one.  However, if anyone reads this and wants to freecycle one I'm your girl.  For now though, I've found a rather reasonable alternative.  My SAD lamp with its bright bulb attracts a plethora of wiggies into my bedroom.  Not something that the faint hearted might welcome but I'm game!

The other evening  something flew in that even fazed me, brave soul that I usuallly am when it comes to our six and eight legged friends.  It was about three inches wide with fluffy ears!  I'm fairly sure that it was a hawk moth but haven't been able to identify the species and didn't take a photographs.  The camera was downstairs and okay, I'll admit it, I was a bit too scared to move.  So, you'll have to make do with this shot bravely taken by Judi and posted on Facebook after it gave her a bit of a fright by settling in her bathroom. Judi, it's a Poplar Hawk Moth and they're a rather common visitor to light sources at this time of the year. And if you have any other visitors that you need to check out  this link is a good starting point.

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