Friday, 23 August 2013

Passing Go

I had a devil of a job finding an image of the common-or-garden  London edition of Monopoly.  There's so many different versions these days. Brighton and Hove have their own board as does Pokemon, Harry Potter and Hello Kitty.  Apparently there's a super-duper jewel encrusted variant with real US dollars.  For me it wouldn't be the same unless there was a Mayfair on the board to cast dread or delight depending on whether or not you're the card holder

Louis has just discovered the game, and being a business minded chap it's now a favourite pastime.  I procured our board for a rather reasonable £2.99 from a Mutley Plain charity shop.  Someone had been having a clearout and there were about six different versions in the store.  Those newcomers didn't tempt me.  Old stick-in-the-mud plumped for the original and British best!

What with the playing cards that Lou has taken to carrying around , we seem to be getting back to the old days and revisiting a childhood that's familiar to me.  Sure, the electronic gadgetry is still in evidence but my son has got a real penchant for a good old fashioned parlour game.  And perhaps whilst the going is good I can introduce my dyslexic son with his aversion to all things that might allude to spelling to my own personal favourite.  Why it's Scrabble of course!


Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

Sounds similar to my 10 year old. Loves all the techno gadgetry but also loves monopoly (old version similarly sourced in a charity shop), has umpteen packs of playing cards (for magic tricks rather than games), and recently bought a 500 piece jigsaw in a charity shop (which I seem to be doing more of at the moment!) you I love Scrabble but living in a house full of dyslexics don't get to play it much :-(

lovelygrey said...

Same here - it's a darned dyslexia that makes it an unpleasurable prospect for Lou! x said...

Growing up in Canada, we had the American version of Monopoly, with its Park Place and Boardwalk. I didn't know there had always been a UK version.