Sunday, 4 August 2013

Playing Cards: They're Ace!

Scout camp was an electronic gadget free zone.  And a soap free zone by the looks of it too.  A pristine bar that was put in Louis' wash bag for the 2012 jaunt has come back untouched for a second year in a row.  His flannel is another matter.  That looks as if it is a specimen for a germ warfare experiment.

And so it was that being bereft of all digital devices, Louis looked around for alternative forms of entertainment and has returned home as a bit of a card shark.  Not only is he in the process of teaching the old dog (that's me!) new magic tricks there's games as well.  How has Go Fish passed me by for the last forty seven years?

Is a pack of cards the perfect toy for children and grown ups alike?  It's cheap, lightweight and more multi-functional than most of the stuff on the market.  So whilst you're packing for your hols this year slip some into the suitcase.  Then pop on over to Pagat and check out the possibilities for play.  They're endless!

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