Saturday, 10 August 2013

Something I Didn't Know I Needed

Wow!  The other day, I saw a picture of a shoe on Facebook that had been produced using a 3D printer  and I thought that I must share it with my bloggy friends.  So off I toddled to find it but instead found this even more beautiful one on the website of the 3D printing industry.  In a strange kind of way it looks rather comfy as if it would cushion every curve of the foot rather nicely.

3D printers have only come up on my radar since I visited the Design  Museum in London back in June.  There, I started to appreciate the scope for the medium.  This orthotic wizardry, The Wilmington, robotic exoskeleton is far less pretty than the shoe but life transforming.  It's designed for children with upper limb deficits and as they grow replacement parts can be easily printed off.  One little girl describes this as her 'magic arms'.

I've got to show you this far less worthy but also genius use of 3D photocopying.  It a template to make little bricks that join up different model making components.  If you want to stick a bit of K'nex to a lego brick there's now no problem.  The possibilities are endless.

Apparently, we're all going to have these devices in our houses one day but  their inflated prices means that  I'm not sure I'm going to get on the early adopter bandwagon.  Unless that is I win one in this Stuff TV competition. Even though it'll diminish my chances of winning, I've been kinder than kind and added the link so that you can have a go yourself if you've been inspired by anything that I've shown you.  And if you won, what would you create?


  1. 3-D printers are so weird and interesting. I would definitely wear those shoes if my weight wouldn't crush them! They look delicate.

  2. It's a fascinating future for our kids isn't it? We went to look around high schools a few weeks ago as my Boy starts in 2014 - the school that we really like had three 3D printers for the kids to learn how to use! I was totally gobsmacked! x