Friday, 16 August 2013

Spookily Silent?

My sleeping patterns are right up the creak at the moment for no apparent reason.  Maybe it's  a combination of menopause and warmer weather? Who knows.  The angst-ridden Lovelygrey of earlier years would have been troubled by this state of affairs but I just go with the flow now and embrace whatever life hurls at me.

So today's Guardian crossword is already done and dusted and I'm blogging at just after 3am in the morning.  Let's publish early too and see if I can catch some trade across the ocean..  Good evening my transatlantic friends!  How has your day been?

In the depths of the Devon countryside it's completely quiet except for my own tapping on the keyboard and the laptop fan.  If I were in a city now there'd be a hum of noise punctuated by even noisier nearby traffic sounds and the orange glow of light pollution seeping through my curtains.  When she visited last time Red Mel, a town dweller, said the silence and darkness here were spooky.  I beg to differ and find them more soothing than all that 24 hour sensory input could ever be.


  1. Me too! Ever since summer really began I wake up between 2.30 and 3.30. Often get up and do something 'worthwhile' for a bit, then back to bed around 5.30 for a few more zeds. Bizarre! At least I rarely have any ironing to do in the daytime now!

  2. Ironing at night! I salute you.