Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thinking inside the Salad Box

If I'm following my 2013 rules, shop bought lunches are a no-no.  But unless, it's grown from gifted seeds or liberated by a freegan, isn't every lunch from a shop?  Of course what I mean by my own little bit of self regulating legislation is that I'm not allowed to buy the sandwiches, sushi or salads that lurk at the entrance of the local Co-op.  On the other hand, if I venture further into the shop a roll from the bakery and some hummous, or say a reduced pork pie is perfectly okay, although not for the waistline.

Yesterday I ventured into Morrisons, not one of my usual Totnes haunts. It's got something to do with its low slung ceilings and odd lighting but there, I'm becoming a funny old stick.  They have a salad bar and I thought I'd give it a go.  I have to say that I'm pleased that I did. The range is superb, a veritable mixture of the healthy like the oriental coleslaw and super salad here and some of those carb and mayonnaise type calorie-laden treats.

Now I headed over the road with Buxom Brenda who filled her £2 medium sized box with a rather traditional offering which included lots of cheese and an egg.  I was about to choose the same option but then noticed that an extra large box with its five compartments only cost £3.20.  I've went ahead filled my boots. There's definitely enough to keep me in lunches until the end of the working week and maybe there'll be a little bit over to use as an accompaniment with Friday's supper.  Now that my friends is what I call a thrifty result!


  1. I've never rated Morrisons. There's a new one only been open a short while, not far from me, I went in, but have to say nothing there changed my opinion.
    and bargains - forget them !
    I have Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's all withing walking distance, so they will do, I would only use Morrisons if I were starving and the other three had closed down.

  2. Funny that I feel the same. Not sure why. Will only patronise them for the salad bar!

  3. I use Morrisons a lot because its just up the road from us. We also have Aldi, Asda, Iceland and FarmFoods all within a 5 minute walk but of those, Aldi and Morrisons are the two I use the most. I find Asda expensive despite their hype. Farmfoods I use for milk (2 x 2 litre bottles for £1.60 making it 80p per 2 litres)and for the occasional stock up on frozen meat, chicken and veggies. Iceland I use only very occasionally for their chicken grills, burgers and chips which we don't eat often. But Morrisons I tend to use for the every day things that Aldi don't stock or that are cheaper there. And DH and I love their salad bar. I tend to buy cherry tomatoes and salad leaves seperately and then fill my ex-large salad tray with a choice of bean and grain salads and a couple of boiled eggs and falafels. DH will fill a couple of the sections with creamy pasta choices for himself. If DH doesn't really tuck in and polish most of it off it will do the 2 of us for 2 days for lunches. A couple of months ago their salads were half price. £1.65 for an extra large tray was a real bargain. We ate a lot of salads while that offer was on.