Thursday, 1 August 2013

Three Months On and Not Depressed

Who'd have thought it?  Three months after I've stopped taking anti-depressant medication, I remain well.  Mad as a hatter,yes, but in a good way.  My concentration is good, self doubt hasn't overwhelmed me and in the main, I'm happy.  Except that is, when something sad happens.  But that's how it should be.  A person who is mentally well experiences a range of emotions that vary with circumstance.  High as a kite all the time isn't a state of wellness either.

Being laid up has made me realise that looking after my health needs to be top priority.  Had I have been fitter I might not have busted my leg.   There's no point in dwelling on the past though.  Let's get past this hobbling stage and plan an exercise regime that I can stick at!

1 comment:

  1. good news about three months med free. I so agree with your comment about it being ok to be sad when things are sad! that is how it should be. xx