Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wheeled Object of Lust

I'm going to reveal just how totally uncool I am and why I'll never attain surf girl status.   Am I bovvered about all that self-image malarkey?  Not in the least.  Oh okay, maybe a little bit.

So my first confession is that I'd much rather have a motorhome than a camper van any day.  This puts me well into the fogey league.  But it's a space thing dude and motorhomes win on that count anyday. The Burstner Ixeo IT666 is my machine of choice and   I've just got to work out how I can get the funds so I can upgrade my existing vehicle.

Secondly I'm don't really get the VW camper hype.  Sure there's cute looking but blooming expensive.  If I'd spent all that money I wouldn't want to be doing all that  rearranging stuff to have a kip.    After a few beers all I want to do is climb up into bed.   And for the price that Volkswagen charges I'd rather not have to have a toilet that pulls out from under a sink.

I could just about be tempted by this new Hymer camper van though if I wanted to venture to those parts where a motorhome doesn't reach.  For that's the problem with the big old beasts.  Unless you're really gung ho they're not made for venturing far off the beaten track.  Isn't this Cape Town model to die for.  So compact, bijou and clever.  But if I had the choice and the £50,000 to splash out  I think I'd still be buying a motorhome.  Okay I'll never reach cooldom but will have a private toilet cubicle.

Pictures:  Out And About Live

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  1. I had just this conversation with my daughter and her boyfriend (17 & 18) who aspsire to a VW. By the time they can afford one they'll be old enough to just want a motorhome!!