Thursday, 8 August 2013

Who's Joining Us For Breakfast?

Small boys are a pain in my big fat butt which I must do something about once the leg is better.  One day they like a particular food and then they're not partial to it anymore.  Louis loved bran flakes a few months ago but now he's right off them leaving a soggy mess at the bottom of his bowl whenever I gave them to him.

So at the moment we're both into that great summer breakfast, porridge!  It's cheap, filling and apparently good for the heart.  The brown sugar that we sprinkled on top used to be stored in a plastic container.  Functional yes, but it wasn't particularly attractive.  So, now we're using Windy, bought from a car boot sale some months back for a price that was bang on the money.  Traders are canny these days.  He's supposed to hold a conserve but serves our purpose nicely too.  I wonder if he's got a hangover this morning?  Here's a link to a clip from Camberwick Green where he gets drunk on homemade cider.  Really!

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