Wednesday, 25 September 2013

BOOM! 25% plus off Booty

Right!  Let's make this clear.  I'm not talking to those out there who have a shoe habit the size of that Imelda Markos'.  You should steer clear of this post which is for the sensible thrifty peeps out there who just happen to need new footwear at this point in time.  Like me!

My ten year old ankle boots finally gave up the ghost last year.  I realised just how manky, smelly and embarrassing that they'd become when I was being fitted for insoles at Foot Solutions.  In my defence, I was reluctant then to buy new shoes apart from Crocs and Birkenstocks in case they hurt.  But those old guys that I'd bought in TK Maxx for thirty quid served me well.  Three pounds for each year of wear can't be bad.

Talking of TK Maxx, did you know they're online now.   I've added the link to save you rummaging dejectly through loads of gorgeous size 8 stuff that wouldn't even have fitted me at the age of fourteen!  I went there to see what they had on offer this time but they didn't have anything that caught my eye.  So, these are what I've bought  Clark's Neeve Viv boots lined with Goretex.  Their full price is £89.99 but after directing my purchase through Quidco which will eventually give a discount of 6.5% and taking advantage of a 20% voucher code the cost falls below seventy pounds. The magic word to use at checkout is 'BOOM' but hurry!  Clark's excellent offer ends on the 30th September.

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  1. Very nice boots - similar to Blundstones but more stylish!