Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Early Bird Catches the Dirt Cheap Ferry

Even though I was moaning about too much holidaying spoiling my usual routine a few days back, travel remains one of my main raisons-d'etres.  So it may not surprise people to know that thoughts are turning to where to head off  in 2014.

Now 2012 and 2013 have been rather expensive years because of buying and equipping homes. So,  I want next year to be one where saving money predominates but not at the expense of having to deny myself the pleasure of getting away. I've decided to restrict my motorhome trips abroad to Brittany to keep those pennies pinched.  Driving from Santander to Roscoff was all very well but the fuel costs were eye watering.

I just had a peep at the Brittany Ferries website and travel costs were currently so reasonable, less on their variable price plans than I ever remember paying on crossings before, that I've stumped up reservation fees of £25 per trip  for two jaunts in May and August of next year.  Sometimes it seems that late deals provides the best bargain but in this case it looks like it pays to get in quick!

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