Saturday, 7 September 2013

Everything I Need: More Nitty Gritty Thoughts

Well we’re almost at the end of our road trip!  Yesterday we arrived at our last two night stop before we return to the ferry port at Roscoff early tomorrow morning.  And then my beloved motorhome will be back on the driveway until its next trip.  But that idea of using it as a home still hasn’t gone away especially since I’ve met people en route who’re doing just that and have happily foregone four walls and a roof .

There is a financial advantage to this although living on sites where there’s an electrical hookup and other facilities isn’t cheap.  I’m reckoning that costs to be near Louis’ school are likely to be around £450 per month.  But aside from bottles of gas, a TV licence and a mobile phone with tethering to the Internet I’d have none of the usual household expenses.   

With less to clean less cleaning materials are needed but of course the main advantage here is the time that would be freed up to write, meditate, walk, craft and exercise.  Extra time would be saved as I’d shop less.  You have to be very careful in a van with consumerism otherwise you end up looking as if you have Diogenes syndrome.  Minimalism is key.

So what are the downsides?  Even though I’m a perky person I’ve forced myself to look at these.  There’s the cost of storing furniture and the exercise would double the amount of removal fees that I pay as I’ll effectively be moving my furniture and belongings twice.  Undoubtedly van maintenance costs would increase and there would be more wear and tear on it.  Then there’s the Louis factor.  It wouldn’t be as convenient if I weren’t round the corner from his Dad and even though he says he wouldn’t he could get fed up of living within the confines of a 6 x 3 metre space.

So there’s plenty to think about.  Back in England I’ll do some more research and some costing to help me come to the decision of if and when!

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  1. Sounds an amazing adventure just make sure you have enough storage for the G and T !! X