Sunday, 1 September 2013

Everything I Need

A totally mad Lovelygrey idea is forming as I sit in my lovely motorhome.  It’s has an internal area that is less than a compact and bijoux studio flat yet it feels spacious due to the great big windows that let in the outside world.   Here’s the evening view of Bilbao from the aire a few days ago.  There’s a fridge, cooking facilities, hefty insulation, heating when I need it, light, hot water and a really comfy bed, just to name a few of its features.  Of course there’s a private toilet too with enough room around it to swing a cat.  Okay it’s not that big so my pendulum would have to be a kitten.

It’s got me  revisiting thoughts that came to me when my marriage finally came to an end.  Could I live in the van? Unless I pay a premium I can’t live in Great Tits’ House until my buy to let mortgage lock in period has passed.  If I gave up my own rented house, put my furniture into storage I could save at least £1,000 per month.  That would pay a tidy sum of my existing home loan or could be put to good use, perhaps buying a second rental property to give me a bit more income.   Okay, it would put a temporary halt to some of my crafting pursuits that require space and bulky tools but I could still read, write, do needlepoint and make lino cuts which I could take to Double Elephant in Exeter and develop my printing skills.  There’s a bike on the back and space for my walking boots and swimming cozzie.  I’d have far more of my possession than when I lived out of a rucksack on my back.

The downside is that I would be homeless and I’m not quite aware of the full implications of that status. I’m not sure that I would suffer stigma because I don’t care two hoots what snotty people think anymore. Getting post, registering with a GP, retaining my right to vote and certainly other things that I haven’t thought about would all have to be investigated.    There’s the matter of sourcing sites to stay.  I’m fairly sure you can’t hole up on campsites permanently so I’d have to move around a bit.  And would Louis mind?  I think he would if it turned into a permanent living solution that lasted into his teens but it would only be short-term and his hankering for baths and normal living could be met at his dad’s house where he lives fifty percent of the time.

This isn’t going to be something that I’d do immediately but still it’s a thought.  Lets have another winter in a proper brick built home, take or eschew the advice of others and see how I feel about this in six months time.


  1. Yes, definitely go for it, a wonderful plan. My sister is living in her caravan at the moment, they are in between house moves, they decided to stay local rather than move around. I lived in my caravan for six months also in between house moves. I used a friends address for mail, luckily I didn't need a doctor or a dentist.

    If I had the money I would buy a motorhome. You are welcome to park on my drive for a while if you want to come up this way.

  2. That would be my ideal. We've considered buying a bit of cheap land in France and living in a caravan on site. Not sure of the legalities of that, but its the only way we'll ever afford the peaceful country living we'd love.

  3. First time I've thought about the logistics such as voting, mail, school districts, and services - for someone living in an RV/caravan or maybe a houseboat!