Monday, 16 September 2013

Flagrant Self Interest

Oh Lizzie Sanders you naughty bespoke jeweller. When you shared this on Facebook I bet you were just scheming about how to make a extra bob or two for yourself so you can splash out on a bigger chocolate Yule log over the festive period. Ploys like this just make me want to rush out and bulk buy from H Samuel  to keep the wolf away from the door of their fat cat shareholders.  After all their Magnificant Meerkats are collectibles so could make me a big fat fortune one day!

Do you find sometimes that a theme keeps reoccurring?   For me reminders to buy local have cropped up a couple of times in as many days.  The other example is a quote pinned to the notice board in the holiday cottage we're in.  It comes from Jo Fairley, a founder of Green & Black in a speech that she gave a the Liberal Democrat Conference in 2008.

'£10 spent in a supermarket generates about £12 in the local economy.  £10 spent in a local shop brings £28 to the local economy.   £10 in a local shop on local produce contributes between £40 and £80 to the local economy.'

Food for thought from someone who  it might be said, sold out a little when she flogged her business to Cadburys Schweppes. Mind you  if Coca-Cola or McDonalds perhaps came to me asking to buy my blog for an eye wateringly large sum who knows how a girl who lives in the zone between black and white would react.  I'd probably work hard on justifying why a sale to a multi-national was okay if a fistful of wonga was on offer.   No matter,  let's get back to the quote above.  I'm scratching my head to thing how this might work.  It must have something to do with that tenner being fed back into the local economy again and again. Anyway if this is the case, it has to be a good thing doesn't it?

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  1. I'll pass on this one. Old misery guts here doesn't do Christmas :o)