Thursday, 12 September 2013

Free Gift From the Bookworm

Books from the library or that are secondhand are my preferred reading material.  Some come pristine as if untouched by human hands.  And they probably haven't been.  I've had some books on my shelves in my time that I've never read.  Others though come with a definite history of their former readers.  Some have been dropped in far too much water than is good for a book, a bath or swimming pool perhaps. I know what previous owners like to drink sometimes too.  There's nothing like curling up with a good book and a cup of cha or a big glass of red wine.  And then there are those who mark the pages including the person who, to put it politely had mild personality issues, had been reading a cognitive behavioural therapy text before me.

This fell out of my current read today and I'm delighted by it.  In the year 2000 someone was given it as a present by their friend Jill.  If they'd like it back then I'm happy to oblige.  For now though I'll use it.  It's a bookmark from The Mouth and Foot Printing Artists whose motto is 'Paint, Brush and Spirit'.  Isn't it amazing how resourceful humankind can be?

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  1. I love finding someone else's mementoes / bookmarks inside a secondhand book. I had one two years ago which had a boarding pass for an internal USA flight to Virginia!