Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ghoulish Gummy Garment

Aside from when Louis creeps into my bed,  I now sleep on my own. Long may it last!  There's no fights over pillows and duvets for me now. And if I wake in the night I can turn the light on and read without a barrage of complaints. So, given this solitary state of affairs, shouldn't pumping out those decibels in the form of rasping snores be a prerogative that I relish?

About five years ago when I was still married, my nocturnal noise making, which could be heard through walls, understandably became all too much for the then Mr Lovelygrey.  So, I underwent a sleep study and 'Mandy 1', a mandibular device was custom made by a kind soul in the maxillofacial department at Torbay hospital.  It stopped my jaw falling back after the throat muscles relax during sleep.  With a clear airway there is no nocturnal rasping or snorting.  Peace was restored  to the household.

Mandy 1 is now dead and buried.  One of the connecting pieces between the two mouth pieces broke and she developed mucky black patches.   But why should I need a replacement if there's no-one to disturb.  Well, snoring can result in poor sleep and with that daytime lethargy.  So  in my bid to actively work on healthful habits I re-referred myself for a replacement.  Here, thanks to a bit of flash photography, is Mandy 2.  Let's hope that she provides that good quality rest that I yearn for.  At least with her horror film looks she should keep other ghoulies and ghosties away!


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