Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hygge Revisited

Eek!  Have you, my Northern hemisphere compatriots noticed how fast those daylight hours are disappearing?  We heading into the darker half of the year at a rate of knots.  It doesn't seem last week that the sun and the birdies were waking me at about 4:30.

With an absence of anti-depressant medication to regulate my mood and a propensity to SAD, seasonal affective disorder, its going to be really important that I maintain my mood through the winter months.  The Danes, a nation whose people are some of the happiest on the planet, have got a trick up their sleeves!  They call it 'Hygge'.  To inform those that are woefully lacking in the Scandanavian tongues it's pronounced Hoo-Ga.

The link will take you my previous post about this subject which talks about how the word, which isn't easy to translate into English, encapsulates the idea of instilling a sense of cosiness, bonhommie and well-being into the next few dark and colder months.  So I've fluffy blankets at the ready for some snuggling. All I need now are some candles, mulled wine and winter forays planned and I'll be well equipped for winter!

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