Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just Finished Reading: Don't Eat This Book

All this holiday making over the last month has meant that I've got through a shedload of reading.  It'll guarantee the lid now fits on my bedside storage unit without having to play a literary inspired version of Tetris.  And that's in spite of being good this year and pretty much adhering to the pledge within my self imposed 2013 rules that I would not buy any books.   Somehow paper based freebies keep coming my way that's to my habit of passing on the ones that I've finished with.

I really enjoyed Don't Eat This Book, the story behind the making of the documentary Super Size Me , which documented what happened when its author Morgan Spurlock risked life and limb by living off McDonald's food for a month.  It's is thought provoking tome that reminded me that I really must get Louis, who'd eat Happy Meals until they were coming out of his ears if he was allowed, to watch the film so that he might may better informed food choices of his own in the future.  I think that there's a copy that came free with the Guardian yonks ago at his Dad's house.

After I finished reading I vowed to myself that I'd cut down down on processed groceries and make things from scratch myself whenever possible.   So, why is it that 2 for 1 Pringles, a snack that contains over 20 ingredients has made it into my shopping basket this week?  At least I've noticed the contradiction!

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