Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nine Standards: Part One

That dodgy knee is loads better, thanks very much indeed for asking!  I think it's down to regular cycling, swimming and gentle on the level walking during the Santander-Roscoff road trip.  There were plenty of opportunities to build up those supporting muscles around that non existent cruciate ligament whilst on the last holiday.  Time for something a little more strenuous I think.

From the window of the cottage we can see the Nine Standards, stonking great cairns rising from the moorland.  And I want to get up there.  So today I've been on a reccie to get a feel of the lie of the land (upwards!) and to check that with customised insoles that I had made earlier in the year my progress was painfree (it was!).

So I think the time has come to set myself a bigger exercise challenage than I've attempted in what must be a couple of years. I'm hoping to show off the reward, close up pictures of those great big towers of stone in the next couple of days.

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