Monday, 30 September 2013

Not for Klutzes

For quite some considerable time as a yoof I harboured ambitions of being a dentist.  What was I thinking? Fiddling around doing intricate work in the confined space of a person's mouth isn't really a job for someone with probable undiagnosed dyspraxia and dodgy hand-eye coordination due to a squint!  Worryingly, at the time, dental schools would have let me in, on the basis of my A-level grades.  Thank goodness I came to my senses before the ancient UCCA application process.

I am in totally awe of those who can work on a miniature scale whether it be teeth or other media.  So when I stumbled upon the work of Dalton Ghetti I was bowled over.  For up to a couple of hours each day, this carpenter who hales from Brazil but now lives in the US uses a blade and a needle to carve the lead of pencils.  Me, I have trouble using a pencil sharpener at times.  Anyway go and have a look at his work.  But for the lazy amongst you I've put some more of his stuff down below.

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