Sunday, 15 September 2013

Outside the Comfort Zone Oop North!

This is the one of the views from the holiday cottage where I'm staying with my good friend, The Pirate.  Not bad eh!   The others include far reaching views of moorland and just out the back there's the River Eden where, from the deck I watched little birdies hunting insects yesterday from the deck which nearly hangs over the water.

Now The Pirate is a dirty great one-legged chappie with countless battle scars from  skirmishes at land and sea. This has left him pretty much totally wheelchair dependent.  For him even a couple of hops is akin to participation in a major sporting event.  As such he normally restricts his movements to his own home and familiar spots in its environs where he knows the lie of the land, most specifically where toilets, are accessible and kerb heights are kind.  So why he chose a cottage to stay in with six steps up to the front door is puzzling.   Getting in involves a bum shuffle clad in a bin liner when its wet.    Perhaps his involvement in its restoration from its past life as a former mill has something to do with it.  When hiring holiday accommodation I like to stay someone that I'd love to own myself.  This place certainly ticks that box and its on one level once you're past t'front door.

I have to confess that I get annoyed about The Pirate's usual resistance to ski off piste as it were.  After all wouldn't his life be enhanced by jaunts further afield on a more regular basis?  But I'm getting it now.  Even a trip to a family member's home or the pub is an gargantuan exercise in planning.  Us able bodied folk, even ones who're supposed to have expertise in disability, have no idea!  My aim is to muddle along, learn about living in a world that's just not geared up for anyone that's not able-bodied and devise strategies so that The Pirate enjoys his stay away.  I'll know that I've succeeded if I tempt him to venture away from his home turf again.

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