Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ten Best Place in France So Far!

France is bloody lovely!  In the main my 1970's grammar school education was pretty useless but one of the more  meaningful things that I learnt was a smattering of the lingo of the nearest nation to the UK.   Its gorgeous richness, for after all I’m a gal who loves language, gave me a desire to get to know the country better at a time when camping in Dorset was rather exotic. As we’re heading back to  Britain today I thought I’d share my ten favourite places.  But I bet if I root around further  in this brilliant  land,they'll be more places that take my fancy.

  • Shall I get one of the most popular landmarks out of the way first?  Mont St Michel is a given.  You just have to visit!  Just don’t do so in July or August!
  • The Tra Mar e Monti:   A week long  trek between the mountains and the sea taking in the best that Corsica has to offer.  Did I ever mention that Louis was conceived on this wild island?
  • RouenFrance does a good medieval city well.  This is the best that I’ve found.
  • Roscoff:  Gorgeous,gorgeous fishing town that happens to be the starting point for most of my French adventures.  It’s the place that  I’ll probably buy a house in when I’m old and even more grey.
  • Les Rousses:  Now I’m a crap skier of both alpine and cross country persuasiosn.  This is my preferred town on the French/Swiss border to carry out the latter pursuit.
  • Aiguille du Midi:  Chamonix is a walker’s heaven!  On a day off take the cable car ride over to Courmayeur in Italy for breathtaking vistas of Mont Blanc.
  • Nice:  Lovely city where both the climate and the people are as warm as toast
  • Futuroscope:  The best proof ever that the French can do a theme park warm and stylishly.
  • Turquant: Where!  A small village on the Loire east of Saumur with a brilliant motorhome aire and cycle paths to wine tasting spots and troglodyte villages.
  • …and finally. The best place in all of France!  It’s so secluded and special that I’m keeping shtum. But I’ll show you this picture giving a sense of how idyllic it is. And if you find it and I’m there in the motorhome say hi and I’ll treat you to a chilled beverage!

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