Friday, 13 September 2013

Tethering Required

After being nearly three weeks without a Smartphone my new one arrived yesterday.  Did I choose a shiny-shiny, latest must-have handset?  Of course not!  As I've explained before, by keeping behind technological advances, I'm still thrilled by the increased capability when I upgrade a gadget but I don't pay the premium prices for the latest must-have item.

My new phone is the Sony Experia T bought on 3's One Plan on a 24 month contract costing £26 monthly, the cheapest phone with a largish screen on this package to compensate for that failing eyesight that has hit me in my forties. Had I have gone for the latest trendsetting devices a Samsung Galaxy 4 or the whopping Mega would have set me back £37 monthly on the same plan, a whopping extra £242 over the term of the contract.  I can do a lot with that kind of money. That's half the cost of a ferry crossing!

The way I use my phone has changed over the years.  Tethering, where I can use my phone as a dongle and connect my phone to a laptop, has turned out to be something very useful indeed, both for work and play.   I also like to download tracks from Spotify so that I can play music offline and that demands more data than I ever thought it was possible to use a couple of years back.  And I divert call from my work phone to my own phone and make business calls from it now.  Yes, more convenient than juggling two handsets but this has increased the number of inclusive minutes that I need within a contract.  Inevitably with increased access to services my costs have gone up.  I think I've been careful in my choices to find something that meets my needs but doesn't exceed them. 

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  1. I'm way, way behind you with phone technology. I could get on the internet with my Nokio (about 3 years old) camera phone, but as I have a very basic package that only costs around £9 a month and provides enough texts and call minutes for me to keep in touch with my family, it would cost extra to go online and I really can't see a need for anything more. There's been the very, very occasional time when it might have been helpful to check bus times or directions or something online, but I always managed without in the past so why pay more monthly for something I'll use maybe 3 or 4 times a year? So, I'm all for staying a few steps behind the latest technology, especially as there are generally bugs to be ironed out when something new comes on the market. I'd rather wait, like you, and pick up a bargain in a couple of years time.