Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tried and Tested By a Ten Year Old: Jack Straws

Back in Devon now after a good straight run from Cumbria. It's good to be home and have my son back.  Louis did Part 1 of his 11 plus this morning whilst I was coursing down the M5 and M6.  It's  the culmination of a year's worth of tutoring  which included the dreaded English paper.  Luckily the grammar agreed that the special needs related to his dyslexia should be taken into account and he was given extra time.

If parents go away, custom has it that they should bring a gift back home for their kid.  It was lucky that Kirkby Stephen has a lovely little shop that combines sales of sweets and toys.  So what to buy? Well sugary treats of course.  That goes without saying but the helpful lady behind the counter also had another suggestion.

'I've got an eleven year old,'  she said, 'And these tempt him away from the computer!' For that accomplishment Jack Straws is a fine toy indeed. It's another oldie but goldie to go with his much loved Monopoly and  that bog standard pack of playing cards.  You must remember it!  Fiddly little plastic shapes of varying value, that have nothing to do with the Labour politician, which you pick up with a hook without disturbing the other pieces in the pile.   Louis loves it and beat me to a pulp on the game's first outing.

So, now is the time that some of us start scratching our heads and thinking about Christmas gifts that those kids of today, who seem to have everything, will actually play with.  Perhaps this cheap and cheerful gift idea is worth hunting down in a small local toyshop nearby.  However, if you have no luck, click the image above and Amazon will take care of you!

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