Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Waving Not Drowning

Both the title and my illustration are tenuous!  My motorhome isn't anything like a US school bus and well, the dodgy reference to a Stevie Smith poem is just showing off that I can remember a bit of English Lit even though I'm definitely not a poetry buff.

I've done a fair bit of driving in the last couple of days.  Firstly, there was a detour inland to Condom (snigger, snigger) where I caught up with an old schoolfriend, Claudine, and her mum and met other members of her family and a menagerie both wild and tame.  Then yesterday wasn't really much of a holiday at all.  Just a long tiring drive northwards to an aire in Saintes where you're not allowed to stay overnight anymore.  Luckily there's an adjoining campsite.  Now fully recovered after feeding,watering and dozing we're going to head off to find the town's Roman remains today.

Motorhome drivers have a habit of waving to each other on the road, an act of bonhommie that makes up for the anger that you induce in other motorists as you blunder slowly along single track roads with a queue of five vehicles behind you.   I think 2CV drivers might greet each other in a similar way for pretty much the same reasons.   Lou can be quite enthusiastic with his gesturing but for others, acknowledgement comes in the form of the merest wiggle of fingers off the steering wheel.  What about those who don't wave?  Are they just meanies, lost in their own little internal world or just preoccupied with being really lost?

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