Saturday, 19 October 2013

2:5 Spending Week!

Four months after suggesting that I might like to set myself the challenge of achieving a 2:5 spending week I did it!  Now for those of you who live and work right out in the sticks this might be a breeze.  I know that there are people out there who bulk buy their supplies and then don't not shop for yonks.  But for the average person in the industrialised work it's a hard feat even if you're not a blatant shopaholic. Plans for no spend days are thwarted by unforeseen events at all too regular intervals.

'Mum, I've run out of dinner tickets!'
'Oh, by the way did you know that tea money is due?'
'Would you like to buy a raffle ticket for this good cause?'
'Oh no! That damn eco-friendly car that should have saved me a fortune needs refuelling yet again!'

So how did I attain my non insignificant goal without holing up in the wilderness?  Well, being ill in bed for two days with the cold from hell helped.  Once entrenched in my billowy pit I avoided the temptation of online shopping eschewing it for other free pleasures, like listening to the first part of the lovely Grayson Perry's Reith Lecture.  It comes highly recommended by me, Red Mel and Snobby secretary.  On the other days I was careful not to forget lunch, made do with what was in the fridge when preparing the evening meal and avoided the shops altogether.   That's a little unnecessary these days as I've pretty much curbed impulse purchases.

This weekend though I must break my fast.  There's a grocery shop to be done and I need a cheap picture mount as a tool for my lino printing.  But I'll walk past the clothes and other non food goodies at the supermarket.  However nice they are I'm going to spurn them. For after all, the piggy bank has got to be filled for more important things!

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