Thursday, 31 October 2013

5:2: Not Again!

Yet again, albeit after a mighty long break, I'm back on a 5:2 intermittent fasting diet.  'We've heard this before. How long is it going to last this time?' I hear a few of you mumbling cynically in the background.

But wait!  It's different this time, honest!  I've been on the plan for three weeks, have lost a respectable six pounds and at last my Moomin reward is tangible.  Here's the regime that seems to be working.

  • My two normal fasting days are Monday and Wednesday.   I've given up a previous idea I had where I spread the 24 hour period over two waking days.  Let's get the torture out of the way as early on in the week as possible.
  • I've discarded the idea of strict calorie counting and only approximate the 500 calorie goal.  Don't worry though I haven't decided that a piece of salted caramel cheesecake can't possibly be more than 50 calories.
  • My diet on fast days is pretty unmoving.  It's a bowl of porridge for breakfast (approx 100 calories), a banana for lunch (another 100) and a nice piece of steamed fish and veggies like this one (say 150) in the evening.   The rest of my allowance goes on milk in my tea.
  • In order to satisfy cravings for something sweet, I have a glass of diet cola or lemonade with my supper.
  • I'm accepting of those hunger pangs and tell myself that the discomfort won't kill me.  
And what ho!  I find automatically that I'm not overeating on non fast days either.  Throw a bit of exercise into the equation and sustained weight loss should be a dead cert!

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  1. Your dinner is one that I should enjoy enormously. good luck with the regimen.