Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bingo Booty

You may have thought my comping days were over as I haven't spoken about this particular activity for a wee while.  Quietly in the background my attempts to win a mint continue almost on a daily basis.  There hasn't been the't sniff of success since winning Dualit kitchen appliances back in June. The problems is that the odds aren't particularly good.  These contests are well publicised and thousands enter them.  But maybe prizes are like buses. You wait for ages and two or three come along in a row.

I helped out at Scout Bingo last night, setting up, selling tickets and making tea and coffee in the interval.  It seemed rude not to  join in with the hot gambling action so both Louis and I had books of six tickets per game and raffle tickets as well!  All that benevolent behaviour must have prompted my personal wish granting fairy to look upon me favourably or maybe it was just the odds of winning with a smaller number of competitors had something to do with it.  Anyway, here are the amassed winnings of me and Lou minus a pack containing treat sized Maltesers which somehow seems to have disappeared.   Not bad eh!  There's even a fifty pence piece that paid for my mid-time cuppa for being pipped to the post by another bingo-ista who won a line at the same time as me but had a higher cut on the cards.

My cheese and biscuit prize included a lovely glass chopping board and I'd just been thinking one of mine needed replacing.  I've also had a hankering for vegetable carving for a few days now so the pumpkin meets that need.  Perhaps its arrival suggests that a handsome prince too may be just around the corner!

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