Saturday, 12 October 2013

Easy Money?

Photo: Motocilla
If I were feeling particularly perky this morning I would have hopped out and taken my own photo of one of the pillar boxes in the village.  But I'm not.  So, I went off on a online hunt for an illustration for my post and got sidetracked on Wikipedia by the diversity of boxes out there.   'I bet there's a letter box appreciation society' I thought Of course there is!  It goes by the name of The Letter Box Study Group for anyone who's interested.

This 'post' (unintentional pun) is about the privatisation of the Royal Mail that took place yesterday.  I didn't agree with it but saw the potential to make a fast buck a few weeks ago.  There followed a little fight between the angel by good shoulder and the devil on my bad.  And I'm sure that most of you will pleased to hear that the angel won!  Although I'm still a bit miserable that I've lost out on the chance to make an easy £300 or so as a consequence.   That's over half a week's salary after tax for no work at all!

The hype though has got me thinking about investing in stocks and shares again as I have done in the past.   There's an ISA allowance of £11,520 annually and if I were ever to have enough money to invest outside the framework of a tax efficient tool I'd have an annual capital gains tax allowance to play with as well.  Currently this is £10,900.  I've got a dream that involves giving up my employed status in 2015 and going it alone.  Maybe investing but on an ethical footing can be part of the plan?  After all those profits shouldn't just be going to the fat cats.

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