Monday, 7 October 2013

Learn From My Mistakes!

Just a little tip for all you lovelies that's boring but important.  Is there lots of stuff on your electronic devices that is precious to you.  Photos of loved ones perhaps or documents that would be difficult to duplicate.  Well back them up on a regular basis!

My new laptop is lovely.  I bought it, after much thought, so Louis could have his own and there would be one piece of gadgetry is this home that's sacred to me!  But the old one has got an incredible 26GB of photos on there, accumulated over a four year period.  There were no copies anywhere, except those on my blog.  One little incident on the hard drive and boom! all those memories would be gone.

The need for a massive data transfer has caused a rather tortuous weekend - with some nice bits in between like a walk in the woods.  Finally, after multiple attempts, stuff is being copied at a crawl onto a 32GB memory stick ready for transfer over to the new device.  The process started early yesterday evening and still goes on as I type now.   Still I've had a lucky escape but a valuable lesson has been learned.   Backing up little and often is my mantra now.


  1. I discovered one day that if I went to Picasa Web Albums and signed in with my e mail address and my blog password, all my blog photos were there. I was SO pleased to discover a lot there had been "lost" when my last laptop died. I also have just got a new laptop and have spent a LOT of time transferring "stuff". Very time consuming and labour intensive, to say the least.

  2. That's a very important reminder. Going through my football ground photos I've realised some of our photos didn't make the leap from one computer to another for some reason.

    Thankfully they're pictures of modern grounds so nothing is really lost as everything still exists in the real world but it's a pain even so.

  3. I've been thinking about this. I have attempted to back up in the past, put some on disk, but I am confused about how it all works. When my last computer became obsolete I smashed it up and the photo's went with it. It wasn't long before I had forgotten all about them. The thought crossed my mind, why was I keeping them anyway, what did I need them for. Answer dunno and nothing.

    Now I am using two computers my photo's are spread across both of them. I still ask myself, what do I need them for. Am I going to print them out, probably not. I might use a few of them again. Some I ought to keep because I will never visit the place again, but I tend not to look through them like you would a photo album.

    I am in two minds about this. Something tells me they are just clutter, like an overfull cupboard or drawer. Give things away or dump them to keep it under control. But then I think it's my life I would be chucking out, where do you draw the line, you can's keep everything forever, sooner or later you have to let go. Still in a quandry.

  4. I popped back to read your comments and smiled at Meanqueen's one. I was just saying to someone the other day that I have become less of a hoarder in "real" life lately, but become a "virtual" one via my laptop. (Think photos, saved websites, Photoshop freebies etc etc).

  5. The nightmare continues! I thought I'd copied 22GB to a memory stick only to be told it needed formatted and all data would be deleted when I moved it across! What I am going to do over the next few weeks is edit the photos and delete loads that I really do not need to keep. It'll take a while though!