Saturday, 5 October 2013

Meteorological Musing

Photo:  Telegraph
Here's a  picture that I came across a few weeks ago of a cloud angel over Sidmouth, a seaside town pretty near to my Devon home.  I thought I'd use it at sometime and today's that day. For as I was driving home this morning after a night of revelry with Red Mel and Mr Metrosexual, a question bounced into the old noggin.

The peeps at the Met Office seemed to have got their forecast for cloud right.  There were some dirty great black ones on the horizon.  But how does a weather man know that it's just going to be cloudy and that the fluffy things in the sky are just going to sit there benignly and not dump a whole load of rain on our heads as they're passing over?


  1. it looks like a person who is running and has a big bum?

  2. I just love that come I never see any like that???