Sunday, 20 October 2013

Over the Moon!

Today's post comes with rather a cross looking beastie.  I had hoped to find a happier one but this depiction of the famous nursery rhyme comes copyright-free.  Why were the Lovelygrey gang metaphorically up there  vaulting over celestial objects with that cow yesterday? Well after Louis and Abi, the mini Zoe Wannamaker lookalike relentlessly pursued an increasingly grumpy postie around the estate, our mail was finally delivered at the ridiculously late time of 2:30pm. No wonder the poor fellow was put out, even without the added annoyance caused by pesky kids on a mission. Goodness knows what time he eventually got home and put his feet up.

A mere postal delivery isn't enough to lift our spirits every day.  Squirrelled away amongst yesterday's junk mail though was the letter we've been waiting for. Louis' hard work has paid off and he got the grades in his 11 plus exam which indicate that the selective schools around here are likely to have a place for him!  As I've explained before I'm hoping that the local boy's grammar school will be the schooling environment that meets the needs of a very bright child with specific learning difficulties the most effectively.  So yay! and triple yay! we're all as pleased as punch.

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  1. well done Louis! Super pleased for him. many people don't realise what grammar schools are and how they are different.

    good for him. I don't care what anyone says, it does help with applications to uni.

    I would be screaming with delight