Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Picking the Brains of Those More Experienced

Hey all you mamas out there with bigger boys than my own ten year old!  I need some advice from those who've had time to acquire a little more wisdom than me. Is this kind of trail of wanton destruction which can occur at any time in any room likely to stop sometime soon?


  1. That's tidy in comparison to my boy..who is now a young adult. He does however sort his own pit out-so i close the door :D

  2. Seems to me that Louis has taken up time travelling!

  3. My son is now married but he knew that he cleaned his room and kept things tidy or no allowance and no going he is a cleaning machine much to the happiness of his wife!

  4. Yep, pretty normal. And soon he will be in there All The Time, which is normal too.
    If you can get him to clean without too much heartbreak then that's great but don't give him too hard a time. My teenage parenting was pretty much "don't sweat the small stuff". Now I have two great 20s young men, one tidy, one not, but they both do their own ironing (def insisted on that one when they reached school leaving time) and a 16yr old daughter but the jury is still out on her!!
    I watched friends of mine screaming in their kids faces and did NOT want to go down that route.
    Also (sorry I keep going on) get him to make his own lunch/breakfast some days. I did not want my kids growing up to expect someone else to feed them or do their laundry all the time (ahem, old fashioned husband bah!).
    The teenage years - hunker down, grit your teeth and laugh as much as you can.
    Susan x

  5. Tash - Holding the thought that Louis could have been the inspiration for Audrey Niffenegger!