Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Small Space Spending

Photo:  Reywas92
Sunday afternoon was spent gardening.  For some this is the height of pleasure but for me it's just a chore, albeit a calorie burning one!  If I were living in my motorhome I wouldn't have to do that. There wouldn't be a bath to clean or seemingly endless carpeted rooms to vacuum either. That would free up loads more time for walking, writing, crafting and seeing friends and family.

Yet at the moment something is stopping me ditching the house.  I'm not sure what.  Maybe it's the logistics of being technically homeless.  It could be the idea of living with a small boy in a confined space.  Or perhaps I'm heeding the reactions of the 'Are you mad!!!!!?' brigade.  There's a few of those I've spoken to since this idea has cropped up.

But I'm still mulling it over.  Maybe it's an idea that'll come to fruition in the spring when it's warmer. Or then again I could save a shedload of heating bills if I acted quickly.   Ooh I don't know!   In the meantime I've adopted a new spending plan.  There's eighteen months to go before the buy to let mortgage ends and I can move into my Brixham home.  So even if I don't become a van dweller I've decided that, aside from householder expenses, I'm going to spend as if I were living in the  motorhome.  There's no space for wanton acquisition.  Even a few extra cardies would pose storage problems.   This strategy should save me a few pounds in the next year and a half, even if it won't be quite as much as if I were brave and started to live the full blown nomadic life.


  1. I don't know what the background is to this story but I have always fancied living in a motorhome too. I am sure life would be so much simpler, possessions pared down, minimalism exemplified. There are a whole load of 'grey travellers' who do just this in Australia, apparently.

  2. And what do you do when Louis wants to bring a girlfriend home?

  3. My friend recently sold her house. She retired early (50!), and decided to "do something with her life" before it got the better of her. She bought two Mobile homes/caravans on a holiday park in Cornwall. ( they're lovely by the way - two bedromed, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, central heating etc). She rents one all year round which pays for the other ones monthly fees.
    With the remaining money, she bought a motor home, and now travels around Europe with her little dog, having a fabulous time!!