Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spare Wool Anyone?

I'm rather taken by the Bommel, or to us Brits, pompom range from MYK in Berlin.  Not that I'll be rushing out and buying one.   They're 'Price on Application' which is  secret code for very expensive.  Could I be patient enough to cadge unwanted wool and then make hundreds of woolly balls to copy one of the designs myself. I really don't think so and with my record of not finishing projects there's a danger that my house would end up looking like a fluffy ball pool.

So, I'll just have to enjoy the pictures from the MYK website.    think that the multi-coloured creation above is my particular favourite although the bear skin and his companion snow leopard rug come a close second.     Pop over to the website yourself as there's more rugs, cushions and chairs that are all highly covetable.

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