Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spooky VW

Photo:  Pinterest
Aside from getting some sweeties for the roaming neighbourhood kids tomorrow night I won't be making much of Hallowe'en tomorrow.  Not that it's a particularly big deal at Lovelygrey Cottage anyway.  I'm of the view that as it wasn't celebrated much in my childhood why should I be bigging it up now?   It's going to be an even lower key event this year as Louis is away on holiday with his dad so there's no need to mark the occasion at all.  A lone adult trick or treater would be just weird.

But if Louis were home I might get round to using the pumpkin that we won at scout bingo to replicate this beauty.  As I'm not going to make it myself I thought I'd share it today so that if you have the time and inclination you  could knock up your own version before tomorrow's witching hour!

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