Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Little Blue Box

I posted last week setting myself the challenge of finishing something and yay! I have done just that.  My intention was to be able to show off something pretty round about now but I can't.  However what I've completed is probably more important in the scheme of things. Finally, finally after what seemed like hours of trial and error and fishwifey language, I managed to transfer all my photos from my old laptop to the new one and have a back up to boot. Rather sensible I feel given that so many memories could have been lost at the swipe of a button.

In order to do this I  contemplated paying for online storage in a cloud, situated somewhere over the Devon hills perhaps?  There's always lots around up there.  Those monthly payments would have worked out expensive over the long term.  Instead I coughed up and  invested in a Verbatim 320GB External Hard Drive.  Mine's a natty blue like the one above but the link will take you to a black one that is a similar price to that I paid.  Trying to load all my documents onto a memory stick caused my poor old computer to crash after it had struggled with the task for many hours at a time.  With this bit of kit the job was done and dusted after a couple of hours.

In my original post introducing this nubby problem I urged you to learn from my mistakes.  Well, it would be a good idea for me to learn lessons too.  Now I've got my little blue box there's no reason not to back up my documents every once in a while, perhaps every month or so.  And from now on I'll be deleting a whole load of my snaps after they've been downloaded, sorting the wheat from the chaff.   Not all those 16,000 odd photos that I struggled with moving have any sentiment value and would have been better off binned a long time ago!

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