Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Arty Kate

This is lovely smiley  Kate.  Like me she's an occupational therapist working in older adult mental health. No, our job doesn't revolve around raising the toilets of the poorly.   That's what people normally think when I tell them what I do.  So what am I actually up to at work?  Well, unsurprisingly I'd have to shoot you if I told you.  Not that it's top secret.  It's so diverse that it takes a wee while to explain!

Anyway It seems that loads of people in my profession have that crafty edge.  Unsurprising given the therapeutic value of being creative. Both Kate and Red Mel, another occupational therapist, are my current role models at the moment.  For not only do they have a day job in the NHS but they also consistently produce lovely things which they go out and sell.  That's what I want to do with my prints and jewellery if I ever get my act together!  A jobbing artist is my dream job.

 I thought I'd show you Kate's gorgeous designs. Red Mel can have her turn  if and when she gets an online presence.  This montage is a good representation of the diversity of  Kate's work.  I'm particularly taken by the lovely blue hare.  Or it is a rabbit? Her detailed psychedelic designs also take my fancy.  They're way more intricate than anything that I rustle up.  And I love her use of texture. Now that's given me some ideas for my my own printmaking.

If I've whetted your appetite,  head on over to Kate's facebook page where individual work is displayed to better effect. For the time-being she tells me that this is the best place to contact her if you want to buy her arty wares!

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