Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Zipped Up Most of The Time

This is my purse.  At least it's the same design but in a different colourway.  Mine's blue with purple writing.  Its slogan says 'I am dry'   which in French means I'm broke.  It serves as a timely reminder before I start spending.    All versions are made out of squishy material that has a lovely soft feel and yes, that fabric is waterproof as the logo might suggest.  One of the things I really like is that the base is clear base so you don't have to rummage around to see how much or little you've got.

 It was bought from the boutique of one of the Brittany Ferries ships that troll between Plymouth and Roscoff, shops that  count among   my favourite retail spaces.  Unlike many places where there is a captive audience the prices are extraordinarily reasonable and the stock is quality stuff, quite different to the usual old tat that you usually find in souvenir shops. I've bought bags, CDs of Gaelic music, Breton tops by St James and zany toys that are hard to come by in Britain, often with a fair bit shaved off their recommended retail price.  A variation of my purse  can be had on Amazon for £8 plus postage.  On the boat it was less than a fiver.

Anyway we're two paragraphs on and this was not supposed to be a sales pitch for French accessories.  Rather the opposite.  What I wanted to say was that by following my 2013 rules, where I've limited what I've bought this year, the desire to indulge in retail therapy has now diminished markedly.  Even charity shops that used to hard to resist no longer are such a draw.  Okay I've broken my self imposed legislature at times but not without thinking about it first.  Wanton  consumerism  is a thing of the past.  My experiment has shown me that spending is habitual and like other patterns of unhealthy behaviour that habit CAN be broken with a little willpower.  So, the image of the zipped up purse fits this post nicely.

PS I am typing this on a new laptop though!

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