Friday, 18 October 2013

Thought for The Day: Eggs, Baskets and All That

Remember that free online course, 'Creativity Innovation and Change' from Coursera  that I signed up for a few months back?  Well I'm still working on the  materials but now, rather creatively and innovatively I feel,  playing footloose with the eight week time frame set by the lecturers.  I figured that with the format of a MOOC, massive online open course, that I have the freedom to pretty much use the material as I like.  And what a resource that this project has provided.  There's so much articles and exercises but my brain has become befuddled by  the breadth of what's been provided.  So, instead of rushing through it to stick to deadlines I'm plodding on, exacting change at my own pace, slowly but surely working on the project that I've devised....which is.....

....finding ways to earn my current income outside the constraints of formal employment giving me more flexibility with regard to time and what I do!  As you can see that would be a big ask to achieve in an eight week period so I've set myself a goal of achieving this by late Spring 2015.  Still tricky but do-able I think.  Two of the ideas that came up in course material yesterday were really useful and oddly enough reinforced what's been bouncing around in the old noggin over the last few days.  I'll take that coincidence as meaning that these are things that I've got to pay attention to.

One was clearing the decks to make room for the important stuff that I need to do.   So as a symbolic gesture, all those library books are going back today but over the next few weeks I'm going to mull over this and think of how I shed what I do that's not important to make time for the things that get me nearer my goal. The other was that reliance of one income source really leaves us quite vulnerable. It's best to have a portfolio of things that bring in money so that the storm can be weathered if one income stream is hit.  Now that's been really getting me thinking.  It's really quite dangerous, if like me, you have just one major income stream.  If my current solitary job ended tomorrow, and indeed public sector employment is no longer a given for life,  I'd be a bit stuffed!   A sobering though indeed and one I'll be factoring into my plans so that there'll be a diverse range of income providing opportunites that will act as a buffer if one of the schemes goes tits up!

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