Monday, 21 October 2013

More About My Love Affair With Bernard Moss

To me, this is pure joy in pottery form! The Bernard Moss figurine that is my absolute favourite example of this craftman's work.  Even the fish is a happy bunny.

Did I ever tell you Bernard Moss's daughter got in touch with me?  She'd read one of the blog posts that I'd written about him and told me that sadly her dad had passed away but she was pleased that I appreciated his work so much.  I was dead chuffed.

Anyway this jubilant little fellow was the one that started my love affair with Mr Moss's work when I saw him at a house that I visited.  And he's on sale on Ebay in an auction that ends today! There's not a lot stopping me running off to Bidding Scheduler and making a ridiculous bid so that this bearded boy becomes mine all mine!  Indeed I put one there for a time and then cancelled it.  After all my main priority at the moment is boosting my savings and impulse purchasing ceramics doesn't really fit into the scheme of things.  Unless a wealthy benefactor takes pity and buys it for me, I'm going to have to wait to catch my own fisherman at a time when I'm a bit more flush.  In the meantime I've got his photo on Pinterest to enjoy!

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