Tuesday, 22 October 2013

"What Child Wouldn't Like It?"

So the C-word will be with us all too soon and I know some who are not quite as bah-humbug as myself are already making preparations.  But, isn't it sometimes a bit of a struggle picking presents for kids where you're not so au fait with what floats the boat of their particular age group? Books are a good idea but if you go with the latest bestseller there' a good chance  of duplication in the stocking department.

You need to source a more obscure title. For kids aged around eight to twelve can I recommend Triffic Chocolate?  It's Louis' absolute favourite with the quote up top today coming from him.  His own copy, purchased from a charity shop in an already dog-eared state is now swathed in sellotape to keep it together.  He reads this funny history of chocolate over and over again.  Surely this and a big bar of Daily Milk could be the ideal gift solution for many a child out there?

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